Thunder - BMFS Halloween

Thunder - BMFS Halloween

So, this wasn’t technically in Wilmington, but close enough. And what an amazing run of shows! If you didn’t bump into me at the show, you can still get one of these sweet shirts. And stay tuned for future Billy designs as well, as he is one of my favorites…

If we have your desired size and color in stock, we’ll ship it out within 24 hours. If not, we will reprint what you choose and get it sent out within 2 weeks or so. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Every shirt will ship with a free sticker!

If you have any questions or custom requests, feel free to use the form provided below.

You may have seen me or my friends walking around downtown with these shirts, but you can also get one online now. A flat-rate of $6 will be added for shipping…

Shirts are printed on premium quality Next Level or Canvas Brand shirts – not that bulky Gildan stuff. You’ll love the way they fit and feel!

Every order ships with a free sticker!



All of our shirts are very limited edition, we make them for fun and to help fans get cool merch that can’t be found anywhere else! It also helps offset our beer costs, and supports our addiction to the official merch as well. 

All shirts are printed on premium quality Next Level or Canvas Brand shirts – not that cheap bulky Gildan stuff that some places offer. And they are reasonably priced. (Unlike the damn scalper tickets we all get forced to buy after the bots snatch all the seats.)

Questions / Custom Requests?

Got a question or need a special size? Maybe something else is on your mind? Let us know, maybe we can help…